Since the promulgation of the Asbestos Abatement Regulations, 2020 during November 2020, new training requirements relating to Asbestos as a hazardous chemical agent, has been instituted

We offer the following training:

Incidental Exposure -
Employees and Contractors

For employees and contractors working in areas where asbestos are present and might have incidental or potential exposure to asbestos containing materials, even when not working with or on asbestos in place, Asbestos Regulation 7(1) and 7(2) training apply

Maintenance & Removal -
Asbestos Workers

Asbestos Workers need to be trained according to Asbestos Regulation 7(3) which is a full day training session

Annual Refresher -
Asbestos Workers

Following 7(3) training, a year later, relevant workers need to be trained according to Asbestos Regulation 7(5) and such certificate remains valid for one year only, as required by DoEL

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