Potentially, yes. RPE should only be a last resort during control of airborne pollutants, but should be the first response as a temporary control measure while other more effective control measures are being implemented

Results from AIA Air Monitoring can substantiate discontinuation of the use of respirators in the relevant place of work where testing was done, with an obvious positive outcome of cost-effectiveness in risk management

Yes, we assess and measure noise in the workplace (NIHL) to determine the equivalent noise level employees are exposed to during a shift to recommend steps in preventing further noise induced hearing loss, when relevant

In addition to NIHL assessments, we conduct noise impact assessments (NIA) by measuring noise considered to cause noise nuisance or noise disturbance either inside the office environment, or by determining the noise footprint of a premises, both formal or private

 Yes, we measure both heat stress and cold stress in the  workplace and determine exposure levels and whether the need for implementing the prescribed control measures exists

Yes, ventilation, typically mechanical ventilation is used to reduce the levels airborne pollutants in the place of work, through e.g., local extraction (LEV).  As Inspection Body we assess and measure the effectiveness of mechanical ventilation systems

In addition, we assess indoor air climate and air quality, general ventilation in workplaces, and ascertain compliance to air changes required for indoor workspaces

Yes, the OHS Act requires that a certain level of light levels be maintained across the work plane, i.e., the work position or surface where particular work is done

Even if a light is working, there is a rate of loss in light produced over time which could cause light levels to be reduced to below the legal requirement, with detrimental effect on production, safety and comfort  

Typically we measure night time artificial light levels, but where needed, day time measurements is done for indoor environments. We also measure emergency light intensity levels

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